Mika Lemoine

Originally from Oakland, CA, Mika Lemoine is a Teaching Artist Mentor at Destiny Arts Center and the Artistic Director
of the Destiny Junior Company, where youth ages 9-12 use their powerful voices through word and street dance to make art
about what matters to them.  In today’s climate of commercial hip hop, Mika emphasizes historical and social context
when teaching and directing. She believes that creative expression is a catalyst for social change and vital to human survival.
Mika was a principal dancer in Embodiment Project’s ‘Seed Language’ where her solo was described as possessing
“profound beauty and emotion” by the San Francisco Chronicle. She holds a BA in Dance and Latin American Studies
from UCLA’s department of World Arts and Cultures.


Sheila Russell

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Jon Lee

Jon Leezy is a community-based mental health therapist working with youth all over the East Bay. 
He is currently a member of the House of Energi, a multi-national Vogue House
with members across the country and around the world. He is a devoted student and voguer of “Pop, Dip, and Spin” (aka “the Old Way”),
the original form of voguing characterized by posing, lines, shapes, and other classic elements. Leezy has studied from pioneers and elders
in the vogue Ballroom community, and he has competed in vogue balls locally and nationally.

Leezy danced with Mika and Sheila for over three years with Embodiment Project, and he is proud to have helped contribute to
the early beginnings of See Through Soul through collaborating on choreography and performances. Leezy is honored and eager to
continue collaborating and co-creating movement with See Through Soul.


Korea Venturs

Originally from Oakland, California says her love for dance started in middle school while attending Oakland School for the Arts.
Korea Venters graduated at the University of San Francisco, majoring in Performing Arts and Social Justice with a concentration in Dance.
As a student at the University of San Francisco, she has been fortunate enough to work with many artists such as:
Amie Dowling, Kelly Kemp, Nicole Klaymoon, Dexandro Montalvo, Matt Montenegro, Eli Nelson, Deborah Slater, Leyya Tawil, and more.
As a current member of See Through Soul Dance Company, and instructor at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center,
she now hopes to continue using her art as a platform for community healing and uplifting.


Keiko Kubo

Keiko has always loved dancing. She joined her first hip hop dance group at the age of 10 in her Buddhist community in Los Angeles.
At age fifteen, she co-founded a group in Orange County, CA which quickly grew to roughly fifty adolescents and teens ages
five through nineteen. Her favorite part about leading the group was discussing personal challenges and current events together and
creating performances that conveyed relevant messages. In high school, she joined the school’s competitive hip hop dance team led by
JP San Pedro, which became a great opportunity in polishing her dance technique. While at Soka University of America for her undergrad,
Keiko co-founded a hip hop dance team called Rhythmission, and continued her passion of leading a group of performers who conveyed
messages of social justice and the realities of the human experience through dance to the public. After completing her undergrad,
Keiko joined PAC Modern based in Cal State Long Beach, and not only had opportunities to choreograph and share conceptual input
towards showcases and collegiate competitions, but also began training in fundamental street styles including breaking, popping,
locking, waacking and house. Keiko later became a member of Culture Shock Los Angeles where she continued to train in
fundamental styles and contribute choreography to the commercial crew. Throughout the past twenty years, Keiko has continued to
support the development of youth performing groups in her Buddhist community on local, national and international levels.

Since moving to the Bay Area in recent years, Keiko has danced with The Tea Dancers, Groove Generation, defDances and SambaFunk.
She is currently obtaining her Masters in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Community Mental Health,
and is a mental health therapist who works with women, gender non-conforming, and trans individuals in the East Bay.
Keiko is thoroughly enjoying the creative healing process of dancing with See Through Soul, and looks forward to sharing
authentic expression with others together with her fellow company members.